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Celebrating Songwriters Benefit

August 1, 2009 No Comment

Caren is selected for Premiere Showcase at 2009 FARWest Convention!!

Stellar Celebrating Songwriters Benefit

Attack of the dreaded Web Site Invaders!! Somehow Someone hacked into carenarmstrong.com and infected it with (to quote my life/site-saving web-mistress) “literally hundreds” of links to THOSE kinds of websites. Suffice to say there were enough explicit anatomical references buried throughout my site to teach a physiology class. (well, maybe a sex education class?). It’s all better now, and I apologize to anyone who browsed over to carenarmstrong.com and found More Information than they were looking for.

In the Good News Department, I was selected to be a Premiere Showcaser at the FARWest Conferencein Irvine CA this November 6th, 7th, 8th. Its a big honor to be chosen from a large field of talented folks. If you want to check out this great professional organization browse over to: http://www.far-west.org.

On a happier note our Celebrating Songwriters Benefit was a wonderful success, many thanks to everyone who GAVE in support of our venue, Left Coast Folk.

Visit CelebratingSongwriters.com to see more photos, and to hear the longest show closing “Goodnight Irene” in our history, complete with several impromptu verses, the crowd favorite being Rick Didia’s contribution referencing the back side of yours truly.

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