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Thank You New Mexico!

September 22, 2010 No Comment

New Mexico is the 6th least populated state in the union, so I was ready for some wide open spaces.  My first venue on Friday night was so far off the beaten path that they had to talk me in for the last several miles.  It was worth the 4 hour plane ride and the 3 hour drive to play for and meet the colorful clientele of the Buckhorn Saloon and Opera House in beautiful Pinos Altos.  High desert, tons of atmosphere, abundant hospitality, gourmet eats, lovely people and the big, big starry night sky.

The Life of a Song, Chapter 2

Funny how songs take on their own lives.  My song, “Origami” is hard to play and harder to sing and it does not show up on the set list too often, so I was happy to know it was getting some air when DJ MONICA GOMEZ asked to spin “Origami” along with the the phone interview we recorded to promote my NM shows.  She joined us Saturday night for my Las Alturas house concert and happened to catch me in the right tuning when she requested I play it, so I did, grateful for muscle memory allowing my fingers to know where to go.

My last stop was Riverbend Hot Springs in Truth or Consequences (T or C to the locals).   I arrived at the venue to find folks sitting in 102 degree water under 102 degree sun, and I confess, I just didn’t get it so I hit my air conditioned room for a siesta before the show.  T or C is not what you’d call a big town so imagine my surprise when the place filled up! I played outdoors to a wild cross section of folks, the Rio Grande sliding by and heat lightening illuminating my view of the ridge.  Since it had gone well the night before, I played “Origami” again.  As I packed up after the show, an Asian teenager who was visiting the US came over and gave me a beautiful collection of ORIGAMI PAPER that she had brought with her from Japan.  I ask you, WHAT ARE THE CHANCES???  It even came with a neatly folded origami woman, just like in the song.

Many thanks to presenter Lee Herman for hosting me at Las Alturas house concerts, for providing us with lots of excellent info on NM venues, for loaning me gear, and being instrumental in making this trip possible.  THANKS LEE!!

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