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Facing East

February 25, 2015 No Comment
I started to list all of the things that have changed in my world since my last newsletter and quickly gave up.  It’s much easier and really more descriptive to say that there is pretty much NOTHING in my world that has NOT changed over the past couple of months.   At the top of this list would be departing my cozy Oakland Hills abode of 15 years, and moving to a sweet cottage on top of a hill across town.  For a girl who does not care all that much about “stuff”, it turns out I sure had TON of it.  Like enough to outfit several homes, much of it rarely used or forgotten.  Funny how, once something finds a place, it tends to stay put whether you wanted it or not.  Hmmm, kind of like life.  In spite of my vigorous efforts to reduce my belongings by 1/2 before moving day, it was and is still WAY too much stuff for one small person.  As I clear out layers of STUFF I discover accompanying thoughts and feelings, memories causing rustling in parts of mySelf that I no longer inhabit, but remember on a cellular level.  Suffice to say a lot of STUFF has shaken out of this major shift and I still scramble to catch up to mySelf as i sit here typing to y’all.  My old apartment faced West.  Perfect for a musician, no morning light, perfect for sleeping in after all those glamour filled nights etc etc.   My new view is better, more beautiful and faces East.  The first thing the sun hits in the morning is my bedroom.  Every corpuscle in my body screams “NO!”.  I get up and look out at my beautiful Eastward panorama and the same corpuscles holler “NO!”.  I’m getting used to it, but I had not factored this type of disorientation into my energy reserves when I made the decision to move.  Sitting down to type this out is probably the longest i have held still while awake in two months.  In the long run change is GOOD (repeat this to yourSelf).  I am digging in to my new digs.  My advice to you?  GET RID OF SOME OF YOUR STUFF!

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