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Caren Armstrong - Everything


Released: May 2007
In addition to demonstrating her talent as a singing, songwriting, guitar slinging solo artist, Caren Armstrong’s new, self-produced CD “Everything” shows off her skills as a collaborator.

1. That Is Why You Like Me
2. HeartStrings
3. Ride
4. Origami
5. Follow You Down
6. All the Help
7. Savasana
8. Just Another Song
9. I Light a Candle
10. What the Devil Won’t Do
11. If That is Heaven
12. Ode To Billy Joe
13. Everything

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Caren Armstrong - The Truth Stays True

The Truth Stays True

Released: October 2004
Accompanied by James Nash and Doug Harman

Sparsely produced, “only” five songs, Caren’s most authentic and vulnerable recording to date. “In a world filled with trouble and angst, The Truth Stays True. Caren Armstrong’s new CD, don’t let it pass you by.” –Jerry Lunsford DJ KVMR

1. Heart of My Own
2. Falling
3. It Ain’t Up To Me
4. Bittersweet & Blue
5. The Truth Stays True

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Caren Armstrong - Independent Girl

Independent Girl

Released: October 1999
Caren is in extraordinary company on this studio recording featuring Joe Craven, Sam Broussard, Wayne Johnson and Derek Jones. Transition and travel are themes here, from the poignant “Leaving Lincoln County” to the sassy “Maybe I Did”. Share the journey…

1. Independent Girl
2. You Don’t Have To Close Your Eyes
To Go To Sleep
3. Maybe I Did
4. I Feel Your Love
5. Stay Away From Me
6. It’s a Long Long Way
7. Pound of Flesh
8. Slipping Away
9. I Can’t Stop Thinking About You
10. Leaving Lincoln County
11. Independent Again

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Caren Armstrong - Every New Day

Every New Day

Released: 1995
Recorded live at Strings, the popular underground acoustic venue in Emeryville, this CD captures Caren in concert singing many of her fans’ favorites. She is accompanied by Joe Craven and Robert Powell.

1.Cowboy’s Lullaby
2. The Big Picture
3. Enlightenment Blues
4. People, Places & Things
5. Leave The Light On
6. Girlfriend
7. My God
8. The Wheel Of Life
9. The Past
10. Sleep
11. Love On The Run
12. Every New Day

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