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Independent Girl

Caren Armstrong - Independent Girl

Maybe I Did

Leaving Lincoln County

Independent Girl

Released: October 1999

1. Independent Girl
2. You Don’t Have To Close Your Eyes To Go To Sleep
3. Maybe I Did
4. I Feel Your Love
5. Stay Away From Me
6. It’s a Long Long Way
7. Pound of Flesh
8. Slipping Away
9. I Can’t Stop Thinking About You
10. Leaving Lincoln County
11. Independent Again

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Caren is in extraordinary company on this studio recording featuring Joe Craven, Sam Broussard, Wayne Johnson and Derek Jones. Transition and travel are themes here, from the poignant “Leaving Lincoln County” to the sassy “Maybe I Did”. Share the journey…

Independent Girl

Lyrics & Music by Caren Armstrong, Copyright © 1999

Packing boxes, burning bridges
Stacking reasons why she stayed
She has never been religious, now she learns to pray
Full of fire and too much feeling
Tired of sticking out her neck
Watch her bouncing off the ceiling, trying to forget
She got to run run run run run
She need the sun sun sun sun sun

She’s an Independent Girl

Hot foot for a new horizon
Not for you to stop her now
Is there any real surprise when she comes tumbling down
Held together by a suture
Every day a foreign land
But in the sky she sees a future, holding out a hand
And in the night

She wonder why why why why why
She’s an independent girl
And in the night
Maybe she cry
But she’s alright
Independent girl

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You Don’t Have To Close Your Eyes Go To Sleep

Lyrics & Music by Caren Armstrong, Copyright © 1999

Flag of red over Buddhist Shrines
Crucifix over Pueblo skies
Swastika over Galilee
You Don’t Have to Close Your Eyes to Go to Sleep

Three generations in the Southern sun
Now you trade your shackles for drugs and guns
What the slaver started, you will complete
You Don’t Have to Close Your Eyes to Go to Sleep

Little zombies in a trance
Round and round we dance the dance
Toe to toe and cheek to cheek
You Don’t Have to Close Your Eyes to Go to Sleep

Now you been gone a couple years
But I’m still living like you’re still here
Cuz I won’t let go, so I can’t be free
I Don’t Have to Close My Eyes to Go to Sleep

We Don’t Have to Close Our Eyes to Go to Sleep
Go to Sleep
Go to Sleep
Don’t Go to Sleep

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Maybe I Did

Lyrics & Music by Caren Armstrong, Copyright © 1999

Maybe I did move too far, way too fast, in way over my head
Maybe I did let the moonlight, make my love, too easily led

Maybe I did… show things I shoulda hid
Head in the clouds, heart on my sleeve
Wanting to believe
Maybe I did move you more than a man might admit that he liked to be moved
Maybe I did gamble my gold like a girl with everything to lose
Maybe I did…. see then raise your bid
Had your hands in my hair, eyes everywhere
Mmmmmmm fair is fair
Did I mean to make you uncomfortable

Well maybe I did??.Maybe I did………Maybe I did

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I Feel Your Love

Lyrics & Music by Caren Armstrong, Copyright © 1999

When I am full of fight

Lying awake all night
I may not even know my name
But somehow just the same
I feel your love

Up on the tightrope, high
Danger on every side
The colors of the sky show through
As all my lies turn true

I feel your love

The sun is a warm embrace
Fingers trace secret places
I don’t need to see your face
I feel your love

Now I live in a perfect world
I’m such a lucky girl
I feel your love

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Stay Away From Me

Lyrics & Music by Caren Armstrong, Copyright © 1999

Well I wish you was a snake
So I could skin your ass and roast it on the fire

That’s what it would take, to satisfy my ire
Well I’m really on a rant
There will be no second chance
So if you value what’s in your capris
Stay Away From Me

Well the good old golden rule
Says it’s wise for you to do the way you would be done
So now you’ll play the fool, and I will have my fun

Well this little worm has turned
Her lesson fully learned
So don’tcha bother with those limp apologies
Stay Away From Me

Don’t think I’ll forget
They say hell hath no fury like a redhead scorned
One day you’ll regret that you were ever born
And I’ll be there to take responsibility

Stay Away From Me

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It’s A Long Long Way

Lyrics & Music by Caren Armstrong, Copyright © 1999

I’m sorry baby, what did you say?

I confess that my mind must have been over 2,000 miles away
I love this canyon, so foggy and white
But I live with a longing for the clear, blue Texas sky
To the sun, from the shade
It’s a Long Long Way

If you wait just a minute, I’ll come along for the ride
And hope that the highway will gentle my soul one more time
Another hotel, another dream

Another story of unlikely lovers, just like you and me
From here, to Santa Fe
It’s a Long Long Way

Don’t hang the phone up, are you still there?
Cuz I still haven’t told you how much and how deeply I care
Love don’t come easy, and it don’t come free
And no matter what happens, things ain’t what they used to be
If I go, if I stay

No matte what I say
How many prayers I pray
It’s a Long Long Way
It’s a Long Long Way
It’s a Long Long Way

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Pound Of Flesh

Lyrics & Music by Caren Armstrong, Copyright © 1999

Wake up in the morning
Open up my eyes
I look into the mirror and I want to die
Look at this waistline
Look at these thighs
It seems that over night

I’ve grown another size
Pound of Flesh
You got to lose that
Pound of Flesh

I will never look like
Those women on the tube
With their liposuction fannies
And their silicone boobs

From their perfect little noses
To their teeth so shiny white
Between the doctor and the dentist
They are looking right
Pound of Flesh
Pound of Flesh
You got to cut that
Pound of Flesh

Mr. TV network
Pulling on your strings
Shows you how to feel and what to think
If you have a question
You will find the answer
In the product sold by
His commercial sponsor
Pound of Flesh
Pound of Flesh

He’s gonna get his
Pound of Flesh

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Slipping Away

Lyrics & Music by Caren Armstrong, Copyright © 1999

I make my bed, wash my face
Go down to breakfast and we ask the grace
Off to school, another day
I am slipping away

Teacher tells me what to think
The boys wear denim and the girls wear pink
I don’t understand the games they play
And I am slipping

I am slipping
I am slipping away
Day by day by day
Slipping away
I can’t color in the lines
Oh can’t you see that I’m
Slipping away

He watches t.v., she does the chores

Her hands are busy but her eye is on that door
Her bags are packed, the note will say
I am slipping away

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I Can’t Stop Thinking About You

Lyrics & Music by Caren Armstrong, Copyright © 1999

I haven’t read your letters, I haven’t said your name
Don’t listen to your record, I don’t go walking in the rain
I have sought another’s kiss, to wipe your mem’ry off of my lips
But I can’t stop thinking about you

You’re in Louisiana, with your mademoiselle
I’m here in California, can’t claim to know you very well
But you and me and the Texas sky, that’s geography I can’t deny
I can’t stop thinking about you

I can’t stop thinking, I can’t stop thinking
Can’t stop thinking about that kiss
Can’t help wondrin’ what we missed
Can’t stop seeing your blue eyes

I have one thousand reasons, to get you off of my mind
But romance has no season, she come and go in her sweet time
A single kiss, a moonlit sky, baby, baby, that is why
I can’t stop thinking about you

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Leaving Lincoln County

Lyrics & Music by Caren Armstrong, Copyright © 1999

I am leaving Lincoln County
On the shore of Lake Roosevelt

I wait for Keller’s Ferry to carry me across
And I travel to see friends
Who have been lovers for a lifetime
But never will they marry ‘cuz it’s against the law
Three days ago I left Sacramento
Where I said goodbye to someone
For what I knew to be the last time
I’ve driven 1300 miles
But that’s nothing on the distance

That my friend traveled yesterday
In the blink of an eye

And there is no one around for miles
It’s just me and that old ferryman
White clouds in the sky casting shadows on the lake
Against the rail, beneath my parasol
Staring at the distance
As if one more time I could see your beautiful face

And the ferry is called Martha, the name of my mother
And suddenly she’s with me
Like walking through a door
And as I close my eyes
It is she who navigates me
To the place that I am going
On the other shore

And I keep thinking this is Texas

And I travel to Medina
But of course that’s just plain crazy
Because this road is much too green
Somehow it is this time
Between departing and arriving
Where miracles can happen
And wonder can be seen

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