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“Caren’s songs are acoustic/folk treasures with an infusion of blues and country. This petite redhead may be a California girl, but her music seems to come directly from the heart of America. Caren is an award-winning songwriter who has recorded several albums and has a slew of prestigious performances to her credit.  With impressive guitar chops and an authentic, folky voice, Caren Armstrong has all the components of a great folk artist. She hosts a monthly showcase called “Celebrating Songwriters in the SF Bay Area to present her music and other local talent” -Women of Substance Radio

“She bustled her way around the stage with the delicacy and determination of a chanteuse dedicated to giving us Everything…And Everything is what we got, from her spectacular vocals and guitar playing to her pithy, down home lyrics Caren left no stone unturned.”– Linda Zeiser, writer, poet

“Award winning Singer/Songwriter Caren Armstrong is a mighty force in a petite package. At barely 5’2″ she is a living testament to the art of Self-Expression. Skillfully combining dynamic, multi-colored vocals and a highly accomplished guitar style with intelligent, at times hysterical lyrics, Caren dusts off the term ‘singer/songwriter’ with a polish revealing delightful wit, great chops and a convincing passion for how she feels about the world.” Bob Stane Coffee Gallery Backstage, Pasadena CA

“Armstrong’s sweet voice and emotional songs will move anyone within earshot.” — Hector Saldana, San Antonio Express-News

“This woman is one of the best I’ve seen.” — Caroline Aiken, Songwriter

Caren is the caretaker of our hearts and forces us, ever so gently, to peer into the very fabric of our being….ask the questions that need to be asked and making certain we come up with the answers!– Linda Zeiser, writer, poet

“Armstrong knows her way around her tiny parlor guitar, and projects a new confidence on stage, coupled with a soft vulnerability. It’s a wonderful combination and the audience took to her like bees to a huneypot.” — Nancy Terzian, Yoga Journal

“Songs about real life sung with passion and precision.” — Steve Seskin, Grammy winning songwriter

“Caren Armstrong is one of those rare musicians who plays and sings music from it’s bones on out. Her writing, singing and playing are all enormously skillful of course, but combined those elements add up to much more than their sum. Caren’s work has a visceral and deeply satisfying impact, which is invariably garnished with great good humor. Delicious music.” — Steve Coyle of The Waybacks

“Caren has found a deeply original voice that the listener experiences as coming from within.” — concert promoter Russ Jennings

“Spans the distance between progressive folk and old­timey country in a fresh, nontraditional way.” — Dave Stafford , KKUP 91.5FM

“Skillfully blending the sounds and styles of Sheryl Crow, the Indigo Girls, and Natalie Merchant, Armstrong may in fact be independent, but she’s strong enough to hold her own with the best of mainstream women rockers.” — Mish Mash Indie Music Reviews; see the full review

“Her style is all lightness and fluidity, graced with the sultry sway of jazz and the persuasiveness of some very intricate guitarwork.” — Annie Lin of Go Girls Music ; see the full review

“Her guitar playing and music writing is influenced by the folk and acoustic music of years past, and is on the cutting-edge of today’s great acoustic/folk music. Combine that with deep, soulful lyrics, and you get a CD that is one of the best female folk CDs of the year.” — Erik Deckers of Indie-Music.com

“The folk songs are the meat of Independent Girl. ‘Don’t Go to Sleep,’ ‘I Feel Your Love,’ ‘It’s a Long Long Way,’ ‘Slipping Away’ and ‘Leaving Lincoln County’ are all beautiful songs that wholly express a variety of emotions with a striking efficiency and fusion of melody and lyrics. The rare combination is solidly evident in Caren’s songwriting.” — Valerie Fasimpaur of Rambles; see the full review

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